Ravan Property Group prides itself on an elevated personalized experience, sourcing and managing a multitude of properties across Los Angeles and Las Vegas specifically suited to your needs. We provide a personal touch across a variety of services including acquisitions, management and development. 

Ravan Property Group uses its "outside the box" mentality when bringing modern trends to upcoming areas. We focus on making your lives easier, and providing industry insight and support 

Our philosophy is to only handle assignments for which we believe we will achieve the client’s goals. As you will find, our approach and attention to detail is paramount.  we are very conscientious as to the number and type of assignments we handle at any given time. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and a team-oriented professionalism that sets the standard for its industry.


Get it done yesterday.
— Hekmat Hekmatravan




Ronie Ravan began his career at the young age of fifteen.  Having grown up in the industry alongside his father, Ronie pursued a career of excellence and results, a tradition that his family had been involved in for over forty five years.  As a young real estate minded individual, Ronie began with the study of economics, graduating from the prestigious University of California Los Angeles with a Bachelors of Science in Economics.  

After graduation, Ronie began his career as a Commercial Leasing Agent with Centers Business Management and immediately found accreditation with his superiors as a top producer.  Recognizing Ronie's achievements, John Safi, CEO and founder of SAFCO Capital, a real estate investment and management firm with a private portfolio in excess of $500 million, recruited Ronie for the position of VP of Acquisitions.  After a long and successful term with SAFCO Capital, Ronie decided to step away and founded Ravan Property Group, which owns and manages over 2 Million Square Feet of Retail and Residential space in California, Nevada & Texas.  

With seventeen years of experience in both residential and commercial real estate under his belt, Ronie has focused all of his efforts on Ravan Property Group, forming a dynamic and results oriented team to transform Los Angeles real estate.  In addition, as  one of the original founders of the LEV Foundation, Ronie has contributed greatly to the West Hollywood community by organizing safe solutions for drinking and driving.  The City of West Hollywood had publicly recognized Mr. Ravan for his philanthropic efforts in the community.